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发布时间: 2022-05-27 截止时间: 长期 工作地点: 江苏省昆山市

一、昆山杜克大学简介/About Duke Kunshan






Duke Kunshan is a world-class liberal arts university based in Kunshan, China, that offers a range of high quality, innovative academic programs for students from around the world. It was established in September 2013 as a U.S.-China partnership between Duke University and Wuhan University.

Duke Kunshan welcomed its first students in August 2014. The university began by offering Duke graduate degrees as well as a Global Learning Semester program for undergraduate students from Duke and top-tier Chinese and international universities.

In August 2018, the university welcomed its first undergraduate degree students. The four-year bachelor’s degree program follows the liberal arts and sciences tradition, with emphasis on critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and self-exploration.

Our vibrant, high-tech campus covers 200 acres in Kunshan’s Yangcheng Lake Science and Technology Park. Take a virtual tour to see our advanced classrooms, conference facilities and library, as well as student and faculty housing, and multiple dining and recreational areas. We also have multipurpose meeting spaces, break rooms and study rooms that allow students to work individually or in groups to review course materials and complete assignments.

The city of Kunshan, in Jiangsu province, is one of China’s fastest-growing economies and is a hub for high-tech research and manufacturing. The city is surrounded by picturesque forests and water towns, and is also connected by high-speed rail and subway to Shanghai and Suzhou, two of China’s most dynamic cities.?

二、招聘岗位(全职)/Job Openings- Full Time Positions

Coordinator for Research Duke Kunshan University Job Description

Position Overview:

The Research Office (RO) supports research activities at Duke Kunshan University (DKU). The coordinator for research will assist in the daily operation of the RO and support the delivery of all research activities, programs, projects and other key initiatives for DKU academic unites. He/she will provide professional services to university research units, mainly focusing on faculty, university research centers, and research platforms, etc.

Reports to:

Senior Coordinator for Research

Essential Duties:

1.Assist in directing interactions with faculty, including working closely with faculty and academic units to provide service in the entire lifecycle of sponsored research.

2.Support planning, coordination and delivery of the research programs and contribute to the overall success of DKU/joint sponsored programs; act as a liaison to administrative functions of the research programs to follow up on the details of research delivery.

3.Assist in internal research activities initiated by RO, including proposal solicitation, proposal and research report review and maintenance of research management system, etc.

4.Provide administrative support for external research engagements with government agencies, industrial companies, non-governmental organizations, external donors, etc.

5.Communicate with academic units and operation offices to implement research-related conferences, activities and projects, including supporting the promotion of research news, research highlights, feature talks, and producing content based on collected information, support the RO’s reporting commitments as required.

6.Provide and execute administrative support to the RO, including setting up meetings, meeting minutes, maintaining research databases, interpreting and translating talent programs & research materials, and handling payments & procurements as needed.

7.Perform other tasks and duties as assigned by the RO.

8.University employees' job responsibilities will continue to expand in scope and depth as the University grows in size and complexity in its programs.

Required Qualifications:

1.A master’s degree is required.

2.At least 2 years of working experience is required, preferably in an academic environment.

3.Fluent English and Chinese skills in reading, writing and speaking are required.

4.Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required.

5.Ability to work in a team environment is required to maintain confidentiality and professionalism.

6.Proficient skills in Windows, Outlook, MS Office and other similar computer programs are required.


HR Officer for Staff Recruitment Duke Kunshan University Job Description

Position Overview:

The HR Officer for Staff Recruitment is a key role in delivery of talents and talent acquisition initiatives and will be mainly focusing on the full-time administrative staff hiring. This person will also support the campus recruitment and other special hiring request if needed.

Reports to:

HR Manager for Staff Recruitment

Essential Duties:

1.Work on the whole recruitment process of full-time administrative positions independently, including but not limited to posting job descriptions, developing shortlist, coordinating and participating in interviews, checking references and so on.

2.Work closely with hiring managers to understand and clarify recruiting requirements. Provide helpful talent insights and make hiring recommendations when appropriate.

3.Give advice and guidance to hiring offices on the recruitment processes and procedures.

4.Use and explore appropriate recruitment channels to maintain and expand the talent pool.

5.Support the campus recruitment and marketing activities when needed.

6.Use and maintain the HR Recruitment System to effectively track the recruitment process and ensure data integrity at every step. Help to solve problems with the support of IT Office.

7.Create an excellent candidate and hiring manager experience in the recruiting process.

8.Other tasks as assigned.

9.University employees' job responsibilities will continue to expand in scope and depth as the University grows in size and complexity in its programs.

Required Qualifications:

1.Bachelor’s degree or above in Management, Human Resources, or related majors. Master’s degree will be highly preferred.

2.At least 2-3 years of experience in HR recruitment, HRBP, talent management and related functions in human resources management area.

3.With working experience in multi-cultural organizations, such as international R&D centers, education agencies, and foreign enterprises.

4.With good interviewing and influential skillsets. Has proven working results in filling positions with high quality and high efficiency.

5.Candidates with comprehensive understandings of talents in academia will be highly preferred, such as researchers, post-doctoral fellows, lab professionals and so on.

6.Be a self-motivator and a self-initiator. Can deliver satisfying recruitment results in a fast paced working environment.

7.Fluent in both written and verbal English and Chinese.

8.Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.?

9.Detail-orientated and responsible.

10.Ability to handle multiple tasks and adapt to changing priorities.

11.Familiar with Chinese labor laws and social insurance policies.


Administrative Specialist Duke Kunshan University?Job Description

Position Overview:

Duke Kunshan University (DKU) a Sino-foreign Cooperative University approved by the Ministry of Education and founded by Duke University, Wuhan University and Kunshan City Government. DKU is a non-profit public welfare social organization with independent legal status. The campus is located in Kunshan Yangcheng Lake Science Park, Jiangsu Province. The Administrative Specialist of Chancellors’ Office is an important member of DKU Chancellors’ Office, and will support the Office to roll out a variety of administrative responsibilities focusing on event and project management, and preparation of reports and correspondence.

Reports to:

Director, Office of the Chancellors

Essential Duties:

The main responsibilities of the Administrative Specialist include event and project management, and preparation of reports and correspondence. More specifically, the position holder is expected to deliver the following duties:

1.Plan and coordinate institutional or departmental projects including coordinating university-level events organized by the Chancellors’ Office.

2.Draft reports and materials requiring extensive research and interpretation of educational programs, policies and procedures.

3.Receive, screen, and review correspondence, coordinate the preparation of responses and designate correspondence and reports for supervisor’s review.

4.Develop and establish administrative work procedures and methods, which have intradepartmental impact; analyze administrative problems and make recommendations for new or revised procedures.

5.Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of the Chancellors’ Office;

6.University employees' job responsibilities will continue to expand in scope and depth as the University grows in size and complexity in its programs.

Required Qualifications:

1.Undergraduate degree or master degree with at least 2 years of experience in one or more of the following areas: education, administration and management.

2.Proven track of record of project management and event planning.

3.Excellent communication skills, and demonstrated capability to work effectively and cross-functionally in a multicultural environment.

4.A strong sense of responsibility, goal oriented, proactive, and detail oriented.






Graduate/Post-Graduate Research Assistant

 in Motor Cognition/Pain 

Perception and Communication





Administrative Assistant for

Global Innovation Center





Administrative Assistant for

Health Policy and System Program





Administrative Assistant for

the Undergraduate Program Division of

Arts and Humanities & Social Science





Coordinator for Academic Advising





Coordinator for Academic Success





Learning Consultant





Program Coordinator for International Master

of Environmental Policy Program





Research Support Specialist – Pre-Award





Senior Administrative Specialist





Senior Legal Counsel




Research Fellow in NCD Research




更多岗位介绍详见:Employment | Duke Kunshan University

三、薪酬福利/Compensation & Benefits




Duke Kunshan University offers competitive compensation, social insurances and housing funds as well as high-end supplemental medical insurance. We also provide plentiful learning opportunities and trainings for every employee.
Currently Duke Kunshan owns staff from 14 countries and regions, and more than half of its Chinese employees have studied or worked overseas.
Duke Kunshan’s multicultural work environment will provide you with an excellent English language environment and a platform to learn about how different cultures work.

四、如何申请/How To Apply

申请全职行政岗位及科研岗位,请将英文简历及求职信上传至昆山杜克大学招聘系统:Career Opportunities (sapsf.cn)

To apply for full-time administrative and research positions, please submit cover letter and CV to Duke Kunshan University Recruitment System Career Opportunities (sapsf.cn)